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Aware of the limited resources of our planet, and moreover of the mountains, we place the environmental issue more and more at the centre of our strategy each year.

Today more than ever, the geopolitical context and government restrictions remind us of the importance of making this effort collectively in order to ensure the sustainability of our tourism activity 💪.

ALPAPARTOn the road to sustainable tourism

We have implemented several actions in our residences and continue to develop our practices to move towards more responsible residences while maintaining our DNA focused on customer satisfaction.

Responsible renovation and construction

Local providers and partners

Reduction of our water and energy consumption

Use of eco-responsible products

Raising awareness of customers and staff

Construction of reasoned residences

  • ✔️  building insulation above current standards
  • ✔️  installation of double glazed windows
  • ✔️  installation of A-rated household appliances
  • ✔️  new generation boilers with higher efficiency
  • ✔️  carpets made of recycled fishing nets
  • ✔️  central heating system with a temperature limitation of 21°C
  • ✔️  motion detectors for lighting

Local suppliers and partners

  •  ✔️  interior designer and kitchen designer in the Aosta Valley
  • ✔️  local materials and craftsmen, from construction to maintenance of the residences
  • ✔️  ski lockers from the Grenoble company Koralp
  • ✔️  welcome packs and local goodies: MIM, Atelier Porraz
  • ✔️  regional artists to decorate the residences: Lauriane Miara, Sophie de La Rochefordière
  • ✔️  promotion of local partners and activities on our Alpapart blog

Reduction of our water and energy consumption

  • ✔️  reducing the energy consumption of our aquatic areas by adapting the opening times, times and temperatures of the pools
  • ✔️  reduction of energy-consuming sources of heat and lighting: deactivation of towel dryers, reduction of lighting hours for signs, etc.
  • ✔️  installation of dual-flush toilets and water-saving shower heads
  • ✔️  installation of thick curtains to protect from the cold

Use of eco-responsible products

  • ✔️  Baija, Yonka and Ouate cosmetics for our spa at Sky La Rosière
  • ✔️  use of ecolabelled household products
  • ✔️  customer kit of eco-labelled household products
  • ✔️  transition to refillable soap dispensers rather than individual pods


    • ✔️  communication and display of energy-saving measures
    • ✔️  adaptation of staff schedules to encourage carpooling
    • ✔️  installation of sorting bins in the flats with a sorting manual
    • ✔️  dematerialisation of information media in favour of a mobile application
    • ✔️  printing of receipts and invoices only on request
    • ✔️  participation in the “Flocon Vert” certification of the Tignes resort

    LET’S STAY ECO-CITIZEN even during the holidays!


      • ✔️  turning off and/or unplugging unused or charged appliances
      • ✔️  turning off lights when leaving a room
      • ✔️  by not letting the water run unnecessarily
      • ✔️  adapting our clothing to the temperature rather than the other way around… to the delight of Christmas jumper fans 🎅 !